Welcome to Harlow Gymnastics Club

Harlow Gymnastics Club was established in 2007, formed by Peter James and Gordon Mitchell. As Head Coaches Gordon and Peter bring a wealth of experience to the club. Gordon has coached gymnastics since 1985, Peter has coached for 10 years and competed as a gymnast representing British Gymnastics for 14 Years at national and international levels of the sport.

Harlow Gymnastics Club have a strong team of experienced coaches, most of our coaching team have all been gymnasts in the past, and also achieved high levels in the sport. We thrive to make the club a success and pass on our wealth of experience to the young gymnast in the club.

Harlow Gymnastics offers a variety of classes, catering for new walkers to 4 years old in our “HEAD OVER HEELS” classes which are run during the day. Age 4 and upwards will go into the main club, running every evening and weekends. The club offers classes for new beginners and elite gymnast for both boys and girls, we have a wide selection of classes and squad groups for all abilities.

Sumners Leisure Center

Broadley Rd,

Harlow, Essex

CM19 5RD

Tel. 01279 432180

E-mail harlowgymnastics@hotmail.co.uk

For HEAD OVER HEELS enquiries only.

E-mail   headoverheelsgymnastics@hotmail.co.uk

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