Irish Night has been running for many years from The Link in Harlow Essex, and is a great social gathering for all to have a laugh and sing and dance with friends & family in a great atmosphere with like minded people. Our meetings for 2018 are as follows :
  • Friday 2nd February               Finbarr Black
  • Friday 2nd March                    Joe & Jerry
  • Friday 6th April                        David White
  • Friday 11th May                        Declan Gaynor
  • Friday 1st June                         David White
  • Friday 6th July                         Telstar
  • Friday 10th August                  Joe & Jerry
  • Friday 7th September             Finbarr Black
  • Friday 5th October                  Declan Gaynor
  • Friday 2nd November             Telstar
Friday 7th December 2018 Annual Charity Dance with Declan Gaynor

What is Irish Dancing

Irish dancing or Irish dance is a group of traditional dance forms originating in Ireland which can broadly be divided into social dance and performance dances.

Irish social dances can be divided further into céilí and set dancing. Irish set dances are quadrilles, danced by four couples arranged in a square, while céilí dances are danced by varied formations (céilí) of two to sixteen people. In addition to their formation, there are significant stylistic differences between these two forms of social dance. Irish social dance is a living tradition, and variations in particular dances are found across the Irish dancing community; in some places, dances are deliberately modified and new dances are choreographed.