Mission Statement

 Vision – Values – Purpose

Our vision at Sunflower is to provide and sustain quality childcare in Harlow Essex.  Our aim is to successfully diversify, continue to develop, improve and to offer an affordable and comprehensive childcare service, which will enable us to care for all children.

Our purpose is to offer a caring, warm, safe and stimulating environment, and to provide quality learning and development experience for all children.

Our key values focus on providing a top-quality service for all our parents.  We have created, and will strive to maintain, a healthy, fun and friendly atmosphere within our setting, and consider the sense and feel of security of and for our children of paramount importance.

Internally, our staff members are the key to our continued success.  We believe in communication and consulting with them, involving them in the development of the setting and in the decisions that affect them, and in helping them to grow and develop their potential.

In essence, we are committed to ensuring that the Sunflower settings are friendly, caring and a fun place for parents, children and all staff alike, and we place a high premium on learning and on continuous development.

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